Advanced electrocatalyts

Advanced electrocatalysts

Promising materials, which have been identified in the first part of the priority program, will have to be optimized with regard to efficiency and stability. Additionally, the underlying mechanisms of their catalytic activity will have to be investigated in detail in oder to enable the synthesis of even more efficient or stable catalysts. Ultimately, they have to be coupled with photoabsorbers to test them in an all-embracing photoelectrochemical environment under final working conditions.

Projects with an emphasis on this topic

Novel thin film composites and co-catalysts for visible light-induced water splitting (Prof. Dr. Malte Behrens, Essen, Prof. Dr. Anna Fischer, Freiburg, Prof. Dr. Martin Lerch, Berlin, PD Dr. Thomas Schedel-Niedrig, Berlin)

High-throughput characterization of multinary transition metal oxide and oxynitride libraries. New materials for solar water splitting with improved properties (Prof. Dr. Sebastian Fiechter, Berlin, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfred Ludwig, Bochum, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuhmann, Bochum)

Quantum chemical and quantum dynamical studies of the photocatalytic water splitting on titanium dioxide surfaces (Prof. Dr. Thorsten Klüner, Oldenburg)

Nanostructured mixed metal oxides for the electrocatalytic oxidation of water (Prof. Dr. Peter Strasser, Berlin, Dr. Detre Teschner, Berlin)